Chicken Smoothie Reference Gallery

These photos were all taken by Chicken Smoothie staff and may be used as free reference photos as long as our rules are followed.

Rules for Use

You may:
Use any of the photos in these galleries as a reference to create your own artworks by hand.
Referencing which is allowed includes: tracing the outlines of these animals, using them as a rough guide or reference for drawing by eye, using as a guide to correct anatomy, or sampling textures and colors.
You may use the resulting artworks for any purpose, but wherever you post your drawing you must give credit by clearly displaying a link back to the photo you used for your reference.
The gallery is not restricted to Chicken Smoothie members; artists from other communities are welcome to use our gallery as long as they follow all of the rules.

You may not:

You may not re-upload, edit, or redistribute the photos themselves.
You also cannot create art, avatars, signatures etc by editing the photo itself in some way - (e.g. by applying Photoshop oil painting filters or cropping, smudging, recoloring etc to create a photo manip).

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